Avnos is the main boss of the Ancient Orc Tomb's fire wing and one of the two bosses required to proceed to Karavnos.

  1. Avnos Puzzle
  2. Abilities & Mechanics
  3. Defeating Avnos
  4. Loot Drops
Avnos, level 25

Summoning the Fire Boss

You can reach the boss area of Avnos through the AOT Fire Wing (west wing) starting at the AOT Portal. For those with status 6 or higher, the portal to the end of the west wing becomes available (500g).

Avnos Puzzle

Before the boss is summoned, one must first solve a puzzle (mini-game) and defeat a mini-boss. The puzzle room at the end Fire Wing contains 6 orbs, which need to be destroyed in the right order, using the Attack (Key: A) action (right-click doesn't auto-attack the orb). The order of the orbs changes per game, and hitting the wrong orb will spawn mobs. When an orb is destroyed, damage is dealt in a small AOE around the orb, hence a ranged hero could attack these to avoid that damage.

Below are the currently known orb order combinations.

Avnos Puzzle Orb Orders - Spoiler!
  • 312645
  • 241563
  • 164235
  • 651324
  • 541632
Avnos Puzzle
Avnos Puzzle
Mini-Boss After Puzzle
Mini-Boss After Puzzle

Abilities & Mechanics

The Avnos fight introduces new mechanics that make the battles more intense than the previous bosses.

The image on the right displays the boss area where the battle takes place in. Players can freely roam the area in green, but need to avoid the corners (red) to not spawn Fire Elemental adds.

Boss Arena

Engulfing Flames

The main factor of damage throughout the fight is the Engulfing Flames debuff. The debuff is applied to all heroes, increasing by 1 stack per several second intervals. Heroes with this debuff receive damage per second and 5% additional damage from all other abilities per stack.

Engulfing Flames Debuff

Engulfing Flames Debuff

How to Reset Debuff Stacks

Heroes, other than the tanking hero, need to lose their stacks when it gets too high for healing to manage.

The tanking hero (who will be taking the boss's auto-attacks) can gain up to x4 stacks of Engulfing Flames. Instead of gaining a 5th stack, an explosion is triggered, dealing damage to the tanking hero and resetting the stacks to 0.
DPS and Healers
Will gain stacks indefinitely and these can only be reset by getting out of the bosses Line of Sight for several seconds. This can be done by hiding behind any Meteor Rocks, that remain after his Meteor ability has been cast.
Clearing Debuff Stacks

Clear Debuff Stacks behind Meteor Rock


Dialog: A fiery death from the sky!

When the dialog appears, a meteor landing mark spawns under a player and anyone near this mark needs to move away from it. The meteor does fatal damage in a large AOE upon impact. After impact, a boulder/rock will remain where it landed that players can use to lose their Engulfing Flames debuff.

Meteor Incoming Effect

Effect on Floor before Meteor Lands


During the encounter, a random player is targeted and a slow moving Firepath begins to travel in a straight line towards that player. There These paths do a heavy amount of damage per second to anyone who comes in contact with them.



Fire Arc Phase

Dialog: By fire... be purged!

During the battle, Avnos will switch into a different phase, announced by the above dialog. During this phase, players continue to gain Engulfing Flames, but he will no longer auto-attack and will stop casting Meteors and Firepaths.

Fire Arcs

Avnos will face a random direction of the arena and after a short delay, spawns an arc of fire that travels and grows in size, dealing damage to the complete section he was facing. This is the only ability he will cast during this phase.

Fire Arc Phase

Fire Arc Phase

Defeating Avnos

To defeat Avnos, all players need to be dodging the boss abilities and mitigate the stacks of Engulfing Flames whenever possible.

Watch Your Feet

Moving out of Firepath

Stay mobile throughout the fight and move immediately when a Firepath approaches or a Meteor mark spawns. When a Meteor mark spawns on a Firepath, it becomes difficult to see which may cause players to be to close to it when the meteor lands. In addition, meteor rocks on a firepath are difficult to use lose stacks.

Know your Debuffs

Status Bar DebuffWhen resetting the Engulfing Flames debuff, stay behind a boulder long enough for the icon in your status bar to disappear. Knowing your status bar becomes essential throughout AOT and beyond.

VX Avnos Guide

Avnos - 'Die In a Fire' - Defeat Avnos after spawning the Flame Orb

Walking into the fire in a corner summons a Fireling, which needs to be tanked and killed, and causes the player to take some damage and to take a stacking debuff called combustion, that makes you take increased damage if you walk into a corner again.

Killing a fireling causes a small fireball to spawn, which does some damage around it, like immolate.

Killing all 4 firelings causes the small fireballs to form the Flame Orb. Spawning the flame orb causes Avnos to heal to almost full, so it is pointless to dps the boss.

The flame orb does damage around it like the small orbs, but with a greater magnitude, and uses some spells you need to dodge.

Spawning a Fire Elemental
Fire Elemental

Avnos UVX Guide

Condition: Activate all 4 corners using the fire rope. After all 4 are triggered, UVX is enabled.

  • Avnos has 90% damage resistance. 10 seconds after the boss fight begins, "searing air" will be activated, burning anyone that attempts to leave the boss area.
  • Summons a rope of fire that moves 300 degrees around in a circle; all players must run with the rope. If they touch it, they die. 450+ movespeed is a requirement for all players to be able to outrun it, as it moves very quickly.
  • Fire rope direction: "Your soul will burn" for counterclockwise, "I shall destroy your body" for clockwise; spawns according to player position
  • To activate a fire corner, the fire rope must touch all 4 corners as it rotates. The last corner touched will be the one that is activated. Several fire minions will spawn if successfully activated.
  • You will know that UVX is activating if Avnos' damage and attack speed increases. Every corner triggered adds +1000 damage, +50% Attack Speed to Avnos (total of +4000 DMG, +200% ASPD for all 4 corners)
  • After reaching the UVX condition, Avnos is instantly healed to 70% HP (if below 70%) and damage reduction is lowered from 90% to 70%.
  • Once UVX activates, "lights" will summon additional minions and silence anyone that touches them
  • Every 15 seconds, all players gain a stack of Fire Strike, reducing move speed by 10 per stack. This effect cannot be dispelled, and is permanent.
  • Avnos' meteors now deal 900,000 pure damage, making them instakills, and they gain a gravity effect
  • Avnos' fire waves summon 66% faster and move much more quickly, and also summon a fire minion each wave. The flame shamans are able to heal Avnos for 30% of his HP, and should be prioritized to be killed ASAP
  • Upon death, all players take 1500 damage instantly

Item Drops

Normal Loot

  • Burly Steel Pauldrons
  • Angry Steel Belt
  • Holy Steel Gauntlets
  • Cutthroat's Leather Slacks
  • Helm of Balance
  • Neversilk Gloves
  • Eversilk Cap
  • Healthy Steel Mantle
  • Healthy Hide Mantle
  • Healthy Woven Mantle
  • Amulet of the Heavens

VX Loot

  • Brass Knuckles
  • Godly Gauntlets
  • Cutthroat's Gloves
  • Spider-woven Gloves
  • Spelled Satin Ribbon
  • Striker's Leggings
  • Stabber's Pantaloons
  • Fool's Legwear

UVX Mode Items

  • Faceless Mask


  1. R.Fear  November 10, 2017

    Corrections about UVX drop. Avnos doens't drop tribal skull and blazing comet anymore. New item is
    POWER, 20
    MANA, 72
    MOVE SPEED, 43
    DODGE, 9.65
    BLOCK, 7.32
    All Classes: 20% chance to negate magic damage. When damage that is more than 20% of Max HP is negated, instantly recover 20% MP.

  2. Nin  July 10, 2018

    Avnos's fire rope? Cant find one


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