Option 1

Special Portal Master

Warp to "Inner Temple Corridor" and "Statue Fragment: Left Arm" will be spawn beneath your feet. Use it to defeat guardian statue and unlock big gate to enter boss room.

Option 2

Defeat Crypt Fiend

Slay Crypt Fiend and take "Statue Fragment: Left Arm" to activate Guardian Statue.

Things You Should Know Before Fight

  1. Buy Healing Scrolls & Hps elixirs for jump phase, bring smokes for mini phase and ghoul for jump phase.
  2. You can DPS ghoul before he start jump phase but this will only delay the start of the jump phase and will spawn minis at corner regularly attacks on players.
  3. Boss can be body blocked to help tank and make boss start to jump phase faster.
  4. At jump phase all players will get -HPS aura. Don't use heavily -hps based items. Also degen changes depends on which difficulty you playing. Degen is not shown in stat window. Roughly estimated +hps you need for that phase;

Normal > 20 Hps

Legendary > 30 Hps

Heartcore > 50 Hps

VX: Kill 4x mini at each corner first. "So painful... you must die!" VX trigger text. Be the last person to kill the boss when whose last turn to be eaten. For 4 player setup, while 3rd person get eaten 4th must kill it.

Non VX: Ignore minis and focus on boss only "Your Strength weakens...as times passes..." . Feel free to kill anytime. Only difference there is no hands at mini gh spawn phase.


When you enter the arena green ghosts start to constantly spawn from any point of the wall and fly towards the ghoul until the fight is over. The interval between ghost spawns depends on the number of people in the game;
3 players or less – 2 seconds
4 player – 3 seconds
5 player – 4 seconds
6 player – 6 seconds
7 player – 7 seconds

Phase 1 - Jump Phase

Before jump phase(s) each hit from boss will spawn a mini from random corner those minis apply "disable debuff" reduce your move speed by -5.

After killing 4x minis, tank starts to kite while dps stop deal damage on boss to make gh start to jump. Afterwards feel free to dps.

When boss start to jump he says "Time to eat... for me!" I will bite you, "player name" tank should not let the boss jump on him by kiting around the arena staying close to walls while the rest of the team stay in middle and avoids getting caught by Ghouls AoE jump damage and caught by ghoul himself if you get caught you will unable to do anything and boss auto-attacks will kill you "not to mention ghosts flying towards the gh will also hit you".

Ghoul number of jump depends on player number in game.

3 Player at 6th jump split phase, each player he eats next jump phase he makes extra one jump.

4 Player at 5th jump later 6th,7th jumps split phase happens.

5 Player at 4th jump split phase.

Arena degen HPS

Only during the jump phase, everyone gets -hps (depends on game difficulty degen also gets heavier).

Healers can't heal anyone throughout the phase. The only way to survive this is by using HPS Elixir/Healing Scrolls/Healing Potions/Shadow Shaman's Q / Medicaster's R

Phase 1 Ending - Black Ghouls aka Split Phase

After the Ghoul makes its final jump, it becomes 4x black ghoul. Only during this phase Ghoul does take more damage, dps hard as you can. You have 12 seconds to burst before the ghoul leaves the arena.

The tank should aggro before Ghoul leaves the arena if he lost already.

Keep boss hp lower as much as possible if you dps more then his remaining hp it will heal back to 10k. You can kill the boss accidentally by auto-attack damage only so careful about that.

Dps'ing black ones effects main too.

Phase 2 - Mini Ghouls & Hands / Chain Lightning

Chain Lightning

After boss leaves the arena. Everyone should stay away from the blue void zone in the middle. If you get close enough CL will be cast on you and bounce to nearby allies "similar to narith lightning bounce".

Mini Ghouls

In a total of 5 minis will spawn, each of them has a temporary 20k base attack damage buff, lasts 4 second. You can notice a reddish/orange color on them means they still have the buff. Mini spawns depend on majority of players which corner they are close. The location of eaten players is also effects to mini spawns.

Use smoke on spawned minis, use it in such a way that it affects them longer while they still moves.

All minis when killed boss will jump back to middle of arena and chase a random player to eat.


The ability activates in 4 seconds after minis begin to spawn. everyone will get reddish animation on their feet and each 3 seconds later similar to Ortakna hands will be spawning all time avoid to get hit. This effect will be persisting until all minis die.

I'm Coming For You..... -Player Name- / Getting Eaten

When minis are killed, Ghoul jumps back to the middle of the arena and chases the random player. The boss will move faster as each second passes and won't stop until someone gets eaten. If some other players try to get close to the boss and the called player outrun him, the ghoul will automatically consume another player who is the closest to him and until he receives any damage won't start his channeling spell.

You can burst hard until he finishes the spell, be careful about DoT lasts longer. When the channeling bar reaches the end, the boss does heavy arena damage, gets a temporary damage reflection shield, and a horde of ghosts will fly towards to ghoul.

And all phases starts over again

Tip: If player has slow move speed person can stand at certain spot and chased player when pass near you get close to ghoul make him eat you.

Warning: When channeling done don't try to hug walls you will be easy target to the ghosts.