Karavnos is the 3rd boss of the Ancient Orc Tomb and must be defeated before one can face Muarki, the final boss of the Zone. Killing Karavnos grants you status 6, which allows you to teleport to Naztar at the portal master, and allows you to use the wing teleporters in the Ancient Orc Tomb.

  1. Getting to Karavnos
  2. Phase 1: Frost & Fire Lord
  3. Phase 2: Karavnos
  4. Defeating Karavnos
  5. Karavnos loot
Karavnos, Level 26

Karavnos, Level 26

Karavnos, Level 26

Damage: 225 - 230

Reaching Karavnos

The boss area is located in the center of the Ancient Orc Tomb, behind the sealed gate north of the AOT Portal Master.

He becomes accessible immediately after Avnos and Karnos have been defeated.

Players with status 7 or above have the option to portal to this boss directly from the Special Portal Master at the cost of 8,000G. To reach the Temple or portal master, one must complete the Grom Gol Trials, also known from the quest [18] The Valley of Trials

AOT Portal
Boss Entrance at AOT Portal

Abilities & Phases

This encounter may appear difficult for new players because one can quickly take fatal damage if the mechanics are not understood.

The fight is separated into 2 Phases: In the first phase, you fight a weaker version of Avnos and Karnos simultaneously, and in the second phase, you fight Karavnos himself.

Phase 1: Lords of Frost & Fire

Things To Know

  • Avnos and Karnos have no threat tables and auto attacks of their own, but they do fire projectiles at random players which act like auto attacks.
  • As long as one player remains in the boss zone, players can freely enter and exit the fight during an encounter (e.g to get supplies or to regenerate).



  • Consuming flames: Gained when damage is dealt to Avnos (both attack and spell damage). Each stack increases damage taken from fire abilities and reflected-damage from Avnos. Debuff expires after 5 seconds or the unit deals damage to Karnos. Upon expiring, the Flame Vulnerability debuff is applied to the hero.
  • Flame vulnerability: Increases damage taken from Consuming flames by 500%. Lasts for 30s.
  • Bitter cold: Gained when damage is dealt to Karnos, each stack increases damage taken from ice abilities and return-damage when attacking Karnos. Debuff expires after 5 seconds or when the unit attacks Avnos. Upon expiring, the Ice Vulnerability debuff is applied to the hero.
  • Frost Vulnerability: Increases damage taken from Bitter Cold by 500%. Lasts for 30s.

Fire wave: A skillshot that launches a fire wave after a delay, leaving a fire patch behind. It is indicated by a red lightning effect.

Fire explosion: A nuke spell that does aoe damage at the indicated area after a delay, and leaves behind a fire patch.

Ice wave: A skillshot that launches a wave of ice after a delay, freezing anyone hit in an ice block. The ice block can be destroyed to free the player. This spell is indicated by a blue lightning effect.

Blizzard: A spell that targets an area, and after a delay, ice falls on the area dealing damage with every wave.

How To Do Karavnos Phase 1

In the first phase, you have to deal with the 2 minibosses. Always stay together. Take your time there, you are not in a rush. Attacking them causes you to take ever increasing damage due to the stacking debuff. Managing the damage from debuffs, thus the number of stacks you get is crucial in this phase, since you can only swap bosses every 30 seconds, due to the vulnerability debuffs. Aiming for 20 stacks of debuff is ideal before swapping. It is advised to not auto attack the bosses, only use spells on them, because it is not worth taking a stack for the low damage auto attacks do. Also, no one should ever be hit by any other spells they throw, because the unavoidable damage is pretty high.

The consuming flames debuff

The fire vulnerability debuff

Phase 2: Karavnos

  • Singe flesh and Freeze bones: These stacking debuffs are applied every 2.5 seconds, alternating, and dealing more damage the more stacks you have. In addition, Singe flesh reduces attack damage by 4 per stack, and Freeze bones reduces attack speed by 5% and movespeed by 3% per stack.
  • Soul ignition: An aura that does a % of max hp damage every time the boss afflicts Singe Flesh or Freeze Bones. The strenght of this aura increases over time.
  • Threatening: Attacking the boss, while you are not the top on the aggro list causes you to gain this stacking debuff, increasing your threat generation per stack..
  • Insignificance: Attacking the boss, while you are on the top of the threat list causes you to gain this stacking debuff, decreasing your threat generation per stack.
  • Frost of Karnos: Be destroyed by the frost of Karnos - The boss targets a player, and after a delay, a ring of frost shoots out from the targeted players location, where the target was when the spell was announced. It deals lethal damage in the center, while quikcly falling off with distance.
  • Flames of Avnos: Burn in the fires of Avnos - The boss targets a player, and after a delay, the target breaths a cone of fire in the direction it is facing. The cone of fire inflicts a huge burst of damage.
  • Ice block: The boss periodically summons ice blocks at the circles around the boss. Standing behind an ice block causes you to lose your Singe flesh and Freeze bones debuffs. If the ice blocks are not destroyed in time (~10s), they will exlode, dealing possibly lethal damage to everyone. The number of ice blocks scale with the number of players in game.
Frost of Karnos

Frost of Karnos

Fires of Avnos

Fires of Avnos

Ice Block De-Stack

Ice Block De-Stack

Defeating Karavnos

In the second phase, the fun starts. The unavoidable damage from the aura and debuffs is super high, keeping the team alive is very stressful for the healer. For this reason, rotating healing wards releives a lot of stress from the healer. It is also essential to minimise the movement, and maximise the dps uptime on the boss, because the longer the fight is, the harder the aura ticks.

Dodge the frost of Karnos

Make sure not to breath fire on anyone

Dealing with the frost and fire spells: The team should always stack together on one side of the boss, and when the frost spell is announced, run to the other side. Doing so guarantees that no one will be hit by the frost. As for the fire spell, if you are melee, since nobody is on the oppposite side, you can just ignore it and nobody will be breathed on. If you are ranged, you need to observe your sorroundings  and make sure to not breath on anyone. Healers need to focus on the player targeted by the fire, because the target can easily die from the passive damage ticking constantly and the big burst from the spell.


The chain lightning effect indicates the location

Stand behind the ice block to get rid of the debuffs

Dealing with the damaging debuffs: From time to time, the boss will summon ice blocks. The locations are indicated by a chain lightning effect. Always wait players to stand behind the ice block, then it can be destroyed.Standing behind the destroyed ice block will also remove your stacks, so don't run away immediately. Keep in mind that the frost and fire spells are still cast, when you are stacking behind the ice box.



Dealing with threat debuffs: 

  • As a tank, you need to stop attacking from time to time, to clear your insignificance debuff. If someone takes aggro, you should use your taunt ability immediately, and stop attacking to drop your debuffs.
  • As a dps, you need to watch your aggro bar, and stop attacking once you are about to take aggro. If you do take aggro, do not panic, do not start running, just stop attacking until your threatening debuffs drop, and let the tank do its job.
Karavnos - 'A Tale of Frost and Fire' - Defeat Karavnos after becoming imbued with Fire or Frost in phase1

To trigger VX mode, everyone in the game needs to gain 35 stacks of debuff on one of the bosses in phase 1. Doing so causes you to take a debuff, that makes you do less damage to the boss you were attacking, and do increased damage to the other. Since Karavnos counts as both fire andd ice element, a single debuff makes players do only 50% damage to karavnos, essentially making him have double life.

It is advised that only one player stacks at a given time, because the damage he takes from the debuffs will be very high. After everyone has their VX mode debuffs, just continue killing them normally.

The debuffs also have an another effect. Players with the fire debuff will periodically spawn fires under the hero, doing ticking damage. Just make sure to move out of it, as it does a lot of damage. Players with ice debuff periodically emit frost novas, doing aoe damage, including the player. Players with frost debuff should try to stay away from others to not splash them with the frost nova.

Karavnos Loot Drops

  • Silver Platemail
  • Angry Armor
  • Consecrated Mantle
  • Cutthroat's Headband
  • Trousers of Nature's Chosen
  • Neversilk Wizard's Hat
  • Eversilk Robe
  • Augmenting Chainmail
  • Augmenting Vest
  • Augmenting Robe
  • Augmenting Band
  • Dangerous Fullhelm
  • Chancey Cap
  • Pointy Hat
  • Sacred Band
  • Starless Secret
  • Scholar's Waistthreads
  • Lucky Talisman
  • Arcane Talisman
  • Swift Talisman
  • Recondite Talisman
Ultra VX
  • Song of Ice and Fire

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