To able to take bounties you have to kill Tal'navi and unlock "status 8". To finish a bounty quest boss have to be killed in VX mode. To remember which bounty you took type -st OR to show other players type -sh. For normal mode bounties you can kill bosses by doing non-vx.

When required boss killed in Vx mode, Bounty Points "BP" will be added to your Apt code, as for Star Glass "later on that" will be saved into your hero code. If you finish "EPİC Bounty" you will be rewarded 250 DP and go to NPC called "Bounty Master Shizaki" in training grounds and click on "Open Daily Gift Box" there are total 4 different random rewards you can get.

  1. Fate Card
  2. 10 Bounty Points
  3. One Random Epic or Yellow item. It contains all Tal'Navi to Twins drops
  4. 100 Dedication Points

Bounty Points & Spending to get Dedication Points

BP limit start as 100 and each time when you exceed that limit, click on "Increase the max number of BP by 100 points" by doing this your all BP will be consumed. Example you reached 114/100 it will turn into 14/200, 243/200 > 43/300 your extra BP will be transferred into next limit. When you hit the limit BP gaining will be stopped, each time you have increase the limit. By spending BP player can redeem Dedication Points "DP"  to start farming various things from NPC's called "Dedication Master Arlena" OR "Crimson Albus"

Dedication Master Arlena

In training grounds player can spent their DP for to buy permanent bonuses or effect various things in game session only. By converting your BP "Bounty Points" into DP "Dedication Points" player can buy or spent for in the current game session, for many different things.

  1. Buying Fate Cards / Reverse Fate Cards, permanently tied with your Apt code.
  2. Buying permanent HC & NM resurrections are tied to your Apt code. If you die in the current game session and save your Apt code it doesn't reduce your revives. Each new game session how many revives you bought before will return back.
  3. Double Boss EXP; All boss kill experiences will be doubled for in game session only.
  4. Remove Ommog Respawns; Stops the all respawns in ommog region/tower mobs. Item drop rate from tower bosses will be reduced by %67.
  5. Heartcore Boss Epic Drop OR Nightmare Boss Relic Drop; +5 guaranteed epic OR relic drops to their related difficulty mode. Epic boost doesn't work for Zanatath & Ommog bosses "except talus". Relic also doesn't work for Empowered Tower mode.

Crimson Albus - Fate Card & Reverse Fate Card

Fate Cards can be obtained from any VX-UVX boss kills, and its tied to your account. Difficulty, player number, players with who has Tier 9 Apt bonus effects the drop chance. To check your card collection go training grounds find Albus. At 2000 Apt you will be able to select one card only in your collection to gain bonus from that card. Bonus is effected depends on your hero level & Tier 11 Apt which increases effect further by 1.5, if you obtain FC by killing boss and you already have that card it will be converted into 300 DP automatically.

-rfc > The Fool : Armor

-rfc 1 > The Magician : Spell Power

-rfc 2 > The High Priestess : Attack Power

-rfc 3 > The Empress : Max Mana

-rfc 4 > The Emperor : Max Health

-rfc 5 > The Hierophant : Spell Critic Chance

-rfc 6 > The Lovers : Life Regeneration

-rfc 7 > The Chariot : Move Speed

-rfc 8 > Strength : Attack Critic Chance

-rfc 9 > The Hermit : Mana Regeneration

-rfc 10 > Wheel of Fortune : Bonus GP

-rfc 11 > Justice : Power

-rfc 12> The Hanged Man : Agility

-rfc 13 > Death : Energy

-rfc 14 > Temperance : Bonus XP

-rfc 15 > The Devil : Spell Critic Power

-rfc 16 > The Tower : Attack Critic Power

-rfc 17 > The Star : Dodge

-rfc 18 > The Moon : Block

-rfc 19 > The Sun : Magic Resistance

-rfc 20 > Judgement : Attack Damage

-rfc 21 > The World: Attack Speed

Reversed Fate Card