Broodmother is the final boss before obtaining Status 2 and killing it is required to complete the quest Proving your Worth, which rewards an enchanted quality offhand item.

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Broodmother, Level 8


Before fighting Broodmother, it is recommended that all heroes in the group have reached level 8 and have equipped their level 8 items. This can be achieved by completing all other quests from Tol'Cam and Vormur Temple.

Broodmother is located within the Tol'Cam Caves. The fastest way to reach her is as follows:

  • Take the first quest in Tol'Cam, right outside the New Hero preparation room, [1] Village Elder and complete it.
  • Take the quest from the Village Elder, called [2] Vormur Temple and the [2] Restoring the Portal Quest from the Portal Master
  • Either use the portal to reach Vormur Temple, or take the [2] Knock Knock quest and proceed on foot.
  • Once you are in the Vormur Temple, complete [2] Restoring the Portal to then take the quest [8] Proving Your Worth which grants the Key to Tol'Cam Caves where Broodmother is located.

Broodmother Phases & Abilities

There are 2 phases during the BM encounter:

Phase 1: Sqreee Phase
This is the main phase in which Broodmother can be DPS'd. During this phase, you should use all your DPS abilities to burst down the boss. In addition to auto-attacking whoever has aggro, Broodmother may cast one of the following abilities:

Targets a random player with poison that damages and deals damage over time.

A random player becomes webbed, which damages, roots and silences the hero for a short duration.

Phase 2: Egg Phase
Approximately 30 seconds after Phase 1 begins, Phase 2 is triggered and BM lays 8 eggs before she disappears. If BM is defeated before this occurs, then this phase simply doesn't trigger.

During this Egg Phase, BM does not attack and cannot be attacked nor targeted. In addition, spiders spawn and attack the nearest player.

This phase lasts for about 30 seconds and any egg that has not been destroyed will hatch, spawning 3 spiders per egg. Simultaneously, Broodmother re-appears, and Phase 1 is repeated.

Defeating Broodmother

Tip for New Players: Stock up on healing/mana potions, smoke screens and elixirs before attempting to kill broodmother - and consider looking over the How to VX Broodmother guide for a potential epic item drop.

Normal Kill

broodmotherDuring P1, the Main Tank keeps the boss facing away from the group. DPS ability cooldowns should be used during this phase as it is the only phase you'll be able to damage the boss in. Using a smoke screen on the boss to mitigate auto-attack damage may be helpful. Healer(s) should pay attention to heroes that have been poisoned, which deals more damage overtime than it does initially. After about 30 seconds, P2 will begin if Broodmother has not been killed by then.

In P2, Broodmother begins to spawn 8 eggs along the walls, starting from the bottom left. These can be destroyed immediately after spawned and all heroes should participate in doing so. Spider adds spawn during this phase which the Tank should aggro to allow DPS to focus on remaining eggs. If eggs do remain by the time BM re-spawns, one can manage the hatched spiders with smoke screens and AOE abilities.

How to VX Broodmother - 'Ahh!! Spiders!'

Defeat the Broodmother without killing any of the eggs in phase 2.

Broodmother VX can be easily achieved with some of these methods:

During P2, all heroes stack by a wall to avoid getting surrounded when eggs hatch, while tank remains nearest to center, to aggro potential spawns. When BM appears and the eggs hatch, immediately use smoke screens and AOE abilities to mitigate incoming damage. Tank should keep AOE taunt abilities ready to keep aggro of adds. If the group lacks AOE DPS then focusing damage on BM may be viable to avoid a second phase 2.

Phase 2 does not need to be reached in order to accomplish this. If there is enough DPS to defeat BM during P1, then the fight is automatically VX'd.

Don't kill any eggs and any hatched spider. Broodmother must go through at least 2 egg phases. Killing it before the 2nd egg phase is over or killing any hatched spider will result in a wipe. You should kill the boss after the 2nd egg phase.

Egg Phase
During the egg phase, spider adds will spawn with a specific color. Each spider that emerges has a different color. Their attack inflicts a stacking poison debuff that deals damage over time for 10 seconds. They are totally safe to kill. However they leave a poison cloud behind when they are killed.

If not killed within 3 seconds, it will disappear. A 400 range AoE of spikes will appear where it disappeared. Spikes attack every 2 seconds causing damage and stunning for 1 second. They last forever but don't move. If it is not killed, it doesn't leave a poison cloud behind when disappearing.
They don't disappear when not killed, so they should be killed as soon as possible to avoid getting more poisonous stacks from their attack.
Explodes after 3 seconds causing severe damage (Around 1k) in 400 AOE. If it is not killed, it doesn't leave a poison cloud behind when exploding.
Gives a +100 base attack damage & Attack Speed buff to BM if not killed within 3 second.

When the boss is defeated, the notification "The cave is full of poison fog!" will appear and all players will be dealt 30 damage per second until they return to town. Teleport scrolls will not be allowed, forcing players to walk back.

Broodmother Item Drops

Normal Loot

1-4 random Magical (Blue quality) items

VX Item Drops

  • Vormur Archmage Signet
  • Vormur Fighter Signet
  • Broodmother's Web
  • Broodmother's Mandible

Ultra VX Mode Items

  • Breeches of the Brood
  • Arachnid Straps


  1. R.Fear  November 10, 2017

    Some additions for UVX: red spider isnt explode, he sacrifice him self and buff broodmother's attackspeed and damage, if not killed. Also red spider doesn't leave poison cloud, if he wasn't killed. Yellow spider explodes.


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