1. Hero avatar & team members portrait.
  2. Hero status bar; Shows active buffs & debuffs.
  3. Bag slots & Swap Bag button "bottom right". You have total 2 bag inventory, each bag can hold up to 5 consumable items.
  4. Actions Menu; Access to Chat, Interact, Character Management, View Attributes, Game Options, game commands along with many various useful information you can learn.
  5. Shows; In game time, game mode, team members hero level and their DPS / HPS "heal" meter.
  6. Your current gold & Achievement Points.


1- Chat

Allows to talk with NPC getting quests & turning quests. Can check other players gear equal to your level or lower.

2- Interact

Interacting with game world objects like opening gates, doors, activating levers, obelisks and various quest object.

3 - Character Management

Hero ınventory access , hero talent tree, choosing a fate card you wish to activate for current game session. Your current Fusion level, bonuses you have and current fusion experience you have.

4 - View Attributes

Spend your Attribute points in here. Press "C" or click on Toggle Stats Panel to see your hero's overall information. To spend specific number of points type -spsi "number" and click on the stat you want to spent.

5 - Game Options

Music on/off, camera/zoom settings, fog on/off.

Game Commands

  • -rewards - Pings all quests you finished & unfinished ones the map. Only accepted quests got pinged.
  • -qitems - Shows which players are holding quest items.
  • -fog - Close or Open fog settings.
  • -roll - Rolls number between 1-100. Can use -roll "any word text -roll reju ring
  • -rm - Resets DPS & HPS meter.
  • -goodbye - Close NPC dialogue, use this if you got stuck.
  • -cview - Changes camera view free/locked.
  • -cdist "number" - Changes camera distance value between 800-4000.
  • -hicons - Toggle off/on ONLY team members hero portrait.
  • -spsi "#" - Spend multiple stat points per click. -spsi 30 click on any stat to instant spent.
  • -tt - Opens hero talent tree.
  • -inv - Opens hero inventory.
  • -st - Shows current hero progress "yourself"
  • -sh - Shows current hero progress "everyone"
  • -dst - Shows game status. Example "practice mode is being shown if it is selected", current dedication points , current revives you have, double boss EXP is on or not, Ommog Respawns Removed "status" shows.
  • -clear - Clear all game texts on the screen. Simply use z "letter" and press enter button.
  • -savecd - Shows cooldown for to save your hero again.
  • -ls - Shows last killed boss information.
  • -totals - Total DPS-HPS-Deaths
  • -cct - Shows time when you will out of combat.
  • -zs - Same command as -suicide, simply hara-kiri.
  • -dt - Disable or Enable your hero's title
  • -apt - Shows all players achievement points, to yourself.
  • -gt - Shows all players total time spent on their current hero they loaded, to yourself.
  • -apm - Showing off.
  • -ii - Toggle in game guide.
  • -unstun - In case you stuck/unable to act use this, after short time you can move again.
  • -m1 / -m1 / -mc - Marks the selected targets creates an arrow on their head. -m1 "red" / -m2 "blue" / -mc "clear all arrows"