Entrance at Grom'Gol

Reaching Crueltis

After defeat Vjaier talk to the Chieftain Grak'tol in Grom'Gol. This will remove the barrier to the Valley of Centaurs, east of Grom'Gol.

Valley of Centaurs

Reach the boss arena while avoiding different arrow attacks fired at random team members, and tornadoes slowly moving around the valley.

Flame Arrows: Deals moderate damage when it hits you and leaves fire on the ground, that does damage over time when you touch it.

Ice Arrows: Deals moderate damage and freezes you for 3 seconds.

Rain of Arrows: Fires multiple low damage arrows at your location.

There are 3 types of centaurs you will encounter:

Centaur Brute: Cast a wide, frontal sand wave attack that deals high damage. (Tank make sure to not face it to the group.)

Centaur Mystic: Cast a Lightning on a random target that deals moderate AoE Damage to the target and other players near the target.

Centaur Bowman: Summons green snakes that follow multiple players in range. On contact they deal moderate damage to the player it follows

Clearing Waves Before Facing Boss

When reaching the end of the valley, you will encounter waves of enemies that you need to defeat in order to face Crueltis. There are 6 waves in total, with a Mini-Boss at the 3rd and 6th wave. Defeating the Mini-Boss also serve as a Checkpoint for this challenge.

3rd Wave "Harbringer Ithan"

"By the light, be blinded", whenever he says that don't look at him. Else you take high damage and are stunned for 3 seconds. After the cast, he also leaves behind a light orb that deals damage to you and heals Ithan periodically. After three casts he will proclaim "The light shall infuse me with power", which increases his damage dramatically. You are required to burst him down before his damage output becomes unsustainable.

6th Wave "Harbringer Larthil"

This Miniboss has three phases that repeat until he is defeated and required more coordination than Harbringer Ithan.

Phase 1: The game announces Larthil glances quickly at "player name" and will then throw a net at the called out players location, ensnaring all players that stand near that spot (Similar to Karavnos's Frost Circle attack). If a player get's hit by the net, they are stuck and take moderate damage over time. Players are required to destroy the net to free the player. Boss uses this ability twice, before switching into the next Phase.

Phase 2: All players should huddle together and hug. He will throw spears at players that stun them and deal moderate damage over time. To free the player, you are required to pick up the spear (it's a item on the player) into your inventory. This requires you to free 1 inventory space. Boss will throw a spear at each player, before switching into the next Phase.

Phase 3: Boss will cast Shockwaves at random locations all around him which deal high damage. All players are required to use the spears (Left Mouse Button) picked up from Phase 2, to stop him. After he stopped casting, he will revert into Phase 1 again.

Crueltis & VX Condition

The Boss will only be fighting with the Tauren Ghost and does not need to be tanked. However Crueltis has a Cleave and will deal damage to players adjacent to the Tauren. Periodically Crueltis will announce to Shockwave the Tauren, to which the Tauren will relocate. Avoid the Shockwave, which deals high damage, and reposition to according to the Taurens new position. This will repeat throughout the entire fight.

VX Condition: Adds spawning throughout the fight can not be killed by the players, but are required to be killed by the "Dark Screen".

Phase 1 - Light Spots & Dark Screen

For each player in the arena, there is going to spawn a Pillar of Light (or Light Spot), each player needs to find one Pillar and Hold Position on it. The screen will become darker and at the end, every Player or Centaur who is not in a Light Spot, will die. Try to be mindful of players with lower movement speed to give them easier spots. This mechanic will repeat throughout Phase 2 as well.

VX advice: Try to have the Tank and Healer be next to each other, to provide healing vs. the Centaur damage during the "Dark Screen".

Phase 2 - Centaur Spawns Kiting & Earthquake

Centaur Spawn: After each "Dark Screen", three Centaur will spawn. Players should come together after each "Dark Screen", so the Tank can pick up the adds. You can choose to kill the adds for a non-VX kill or have the Tank kite the Centaur around the arena and wait for the "Dark Screen" to kill them, which also fulfills the VX condition.

Note: Avoid using stun-like effects until the tank lured the Centaurs away from the boss. Otherwise it will bug the adds and make them focus on the Tauren, even when the Tank has aggro. This makes it impossible to DPS Crueltis with AoE abilities when attempting VX Mode.

Similar to the Centaur you found in the Valley of Centaurs, these three Centaurs have three abilities: Shockwave: A medium damage shockwave at a random player. Rain of Arrows: A series of low damage arrows at a players location. Snakes: At two random players for low-medium damage.

Be aware of potentially getting targeted by these abilities, when the tank is kiting past the party. Attempt to not get Combo'd by the Earthquake or Starfall and these abilities (Phase 3)

Earthquake: After each "Dark Screen" in Phase 2, Crueltis will spawn a slow moving Earthquake in the arena. Standing in it will deal low-medium damage and should be avoided. (You can use the command -fog to make the arena more visible.) The more DPS you do to the boss in this phase, can help you to prevent a 2nd Earthquake to spawn for Phase 3.

VX advice: When kiting the adds, make sure to run alongside the edge of the arena so the Adds don't die to AoE from the Party, but also do not hug the wall, to avoid being surrounded by the adds or getting blocked. The tank should equip movement speed to make this job easier, possibly use an Elixir of Swiftness. It is also possible to attempt to run a U shape to avoid running into the party, so the Centaur's abilities don't combo up on someone, but this will mean that the Tank will get hit when turning. The healer should attempt to remain calm throughout this and next phase and focus on avoiding damage correctly, whilst healing the Tank only when he comes into range..

Earthquake spawn after 2nd light phase at any spot on arena and moves slowly random directions, avoid it. Depends on your DPS between 1st & 2nd light phase 2nd EQ can spawn too.

Phase 3 - Centaur Spawn & Starfalls

At 30% to 25% of Boss HP, the last Phase will begin.

Centaur Spawn: At the start of this Phase, 4 Centaur will spawn - this spawn will not give you time to group and collect them as easily as in Phase 2. These Centaur are similar to the Centaur before, but will be far more dangerous as you won't have a "Black Screen" to deal with them. For VX, you are required to kill the Boss, without killing them, before they kill you.

Note: If you transitioned into the phase after a "Black Screen", 4 new Centaur will spawn. If you transitioned into the phase without a "Black Screen", only 1 Centaur will spawn, making it a total of 4.

Starfall: No new Earthquakes will appear, but the ones spawned in Phase 2 will remain. On top of that, Starfall circles will appear and after roughly 2 seconds they will deal medium damage to anyone standing in them.

Shockwaves: The boss will cast Shockwaves on the Tauren much faster now, and will deal lethal damage. Avoid them at all cost. This also means the Tauren will relocate much more often. Be mindful of his location. A tip here is for Ranged Heros also not to stand in front of Crueltis to preemptively avoid the Shockwave

This phase is hectic and requires you to stay calm. Attempt to avoid Shockwaves, Earthquakes and Starfalls in that order and savely DPS the Boss and don't panic. Keep attention avoiding the threats, heal the Tank when he is in range. You might want to avoid placing Smokescreens on the boss, as it makes seeing the Earthquakes impossible for Melee.

If you attempt to kill him NON-VX, you may want to try to kill the Centaur. This is only advisable if your party has good AoE damage, as you might as well kill the Boss in the same time.