This is the second boss of the Ancient Orc Tomb, at the end of the Frost Wing, one of the two bosses required to proceed to Karavnos.

  1. Karnos Minigame
  2. Abilities & Mechanics
  3. Defeating Karnos
  4. Loot Drops
Karnos, Level 25

Getting to Karnos

You can reach Karnos by clearing the AOT Frost Wing (east side) or, for those with status 6 or higher, using the portal destination at the AOT Portal Master, which brings you to the end of the east wing (500g).

Karnos Mini-Game: Frost Room

At the end of the Ice Wing, players will find an empty room with a frost orb in its center. To initiate the mini-game event, players must stack in the center of the room where the orb is located, spawning lines that form an "X" across the room with the heroes in its center. Here's what you need to know to accomplish this event:

  • Stay in the Center! Heroes that are not in the center begin to take damage that increases overtime, so it is important that heroes only leave the center for short bursts if needed.
  • Defend the Orb Slow-moving Ice Shards spawn along the walls of the room and begin to slowly approach the center. These ice shards deal no damage but upon reaching the orb, a mini Frost Elemental spawns in its place that deals damage and has a significant increase in HP and armor than the ice shard.
  • Defeat 4 Corner-Minions During the event, a random player is announced with the dialog "Frost shards begin to surround #playername". When the dialog appears, the named player needs to run to one of the corners of the room that still has line connected to the center orb. Upon stepping into the corner, the line is deactivated and a Frost Elemental spawns that needs to be killed. One can kite the minion to the center to safely take it down.
  • Defeat the Frost Mini-Boss After defeating the 4 frost elemental from each corner, the final mini-boss will spawn in the center. Once this is killed, Karnos spawns in the larger room below and players can attempt the encounter.
Karnos Mini-Game Event
Karnos Mini-Game: Heroes stacked mid.
Ice Room Mechanics

Ice Room Mechanics

Abilities & Mechanics

The Avnos fight introduces new mechanics that make the battles more intense than the previous bosses.

Karnos Encounter

Debuff: Freezing Cold (Bitter Cold)

This debuff is applied to all heroes simultaneously every several seconds. Each stack reduces the units attack and move speed. At 8 stacks the unit becomes Frozen Solid.

Frozen Solid / Ice Tomb

A unit that becomes frozen solid gets trapped in an Ice tomb and is stunned for the duration and loses all Freezing Cold stacks. While within the ice tomb, the unit is immune to Blizzards and Freezing Cold. The ice tomb can be destroyed to free the hero, however, if the Ice Tomb is not destroyed within a certain time-frame it explodes, dealing AOE damage around it (but not to the trapped unit) and the trapped unit becomes unfrozen.

Ice Path

A frost orb spawns at a random location and after a short delay, Karnos casts an Ice Path at its direction, dealing damage to all units in its path and Freezing (see Frozen Solid above) them.

Ice Path

Ice Path


Karnos summons a Blizzard that spawns on a players location and slowly begins to follow the player. Blizzards deal damage per second to friendly heroes, but heal per second to Karnos. In addition, units hit by Blizzards receive stacks of Frostbite debuff.

Debuff: Frostbite

Each stack of Frostbite increases damage by 4 and reduces attack speed by 1%. Heroes with this debuff also take additional damage from Blizzard per stack.

Karnos Blizzard

Karnos' Blizzard

Defeating Avnos

How to Kill KarnosThe trick to defeating Karnos is is by managing the Freezing Cold stacks so that not everyone is frozen simultaneously when the stacks reach 8. To do this, some heroes need to reset the stacks by becoming Frozen Solid earlier, which can be done by purposely standing in an Ice Path.


  • Choose a strong ranged DPS hero to get frozen earlier, this way that hero can free the other when they hit 8 stacks.
  • Break Ice Tombs immediately if you can, otherwise keep a distance if its about to expire to avoid taking damage from its explosion.
  • Tanks that are Frozen Solid can still take damage from Karnos's auto-attacks and should either be free'd immediately or healed when this occurs.
  • When near 8 stacks of Freezing Cold, distance yourself from other players to avoid that several heroes becomes Frozen Solid near each other. If heroes freeze when near each other and no no one can break Ice Tombs it's likely a group wipe.

VX Karnos Guide

Karnos - 'Frostbitten' - Defeat Karnos while he has 50 or more stacks of Frostbite.

Purposely allow Karnos to gain stacks of "Frostbite" by letting him stand in Blizzards.

Dialog: My power grows....
Whenever Karnos begins gaining stacks of Frostbite, this dialog appears.
Dialog: My power is overwhelming!
This means Karnos has gained 50 stacks of Frostbite and VX is active and should now be killed.


  • Since each stack of Frostbite adds +4 Damage, 50 stacks would add +200 damage to the unit with this buff. By monitoring the attack damage of Karnos, you can see how much more time he needs to spend under a blizzard.
  • As soon as the boss is VX mode triggered, immediately move him and keep him out of blizzards to avoid them healing him and try to kill as soon as possible. Keep in mind that the debuff will fade from the boss, just as it does on players, if not killed fast enough (~15s). To prevent that, occasionally let the boss gain additional stacks to refresh the debuff.
  • During the stacking of Frostbite, its easier to place the Blizzard on the boss, instead of the boss on the Blizzard. That means that the players that are being kited by a Blizzard position themselves on the other side of the boss so that the blizzard moves over the boss granting him stacks.

Karnos UVX Guide

Condition: Same condition as VX. However, the stacks required is doubled, and they will increase Karnos' attack speed instead of decreasing it. They will also add dramatically higher damage (at max stacks, about +6000 damage).

  • Karnos has 90% damage resistance. 10 seconds after the boss fight begins, "freezing air" will be activated, freezing anyone that attempts to leave the boss area.
  • All players suffer a permanent -100 move speed
  • Every 15 seconds, all players gain a stack of Ice Erosion, reducing HP regeneration by 10 per stack. This effect cannot be dispelled, and is permanent.
  • Summons a blue link that drains mana from the closest player. Any player whose MP reaches 0 while this is active is instantly killed. Mana drain will constantly increase, requiring constant switching of the linked target to maintain mana
  • Minions will appear during link phase every 4 seconds as well as when he gains Frostbite stacks, these should be killed as they spawn (Mana Fiends with reduced HP can spawn here, so DPS should take care)
  • Karnos will start emitting frost bolts randomly around him as he gains Frostbite stacks, these deal 500 damage and inflict a stack of Bitter Cold (the same debuff that causes you to get frozen at 8 stacks)
  • After reaching the UVX condition, Karnos is instantly healed to 70% HP (if he is below 70%), damage reduction is changed from 90% to 70% and phase 2 begins.
  • You will know if Karnos reaches the condition when he shouts a special message: "My power is spreading!"
  • In Phase 2, a random player will be chased by an ice mirage. If the ice mirage touches its target, the target dies. The ice mirage can be killed, but it will slowly accelerate faster and faster, and it will leave ice blocks in its path as obstacles. One ice mirage will appear every 20 seconds.
  • Upon death, all players are frozen for 10 seconds and suffer 150 pure damage per second.

Item Drops

Normal Loot

  • Elephant's Leggings
  • Bison's Trousers
  • Eagle's Legwear

VX Loot

  • Danger Greaves
  • Risky Boots
  • Crystal Slippers
  • Mysterious Deflector
  • Journeyman's Companion
  • Featherweight Cape
  • Manastone Necklace

UVX Mode Items

  • Obsession

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