Work in Progress: This guide is still in progress and more content will be posted shortly. Thank you for your patience! - 11/01/2017

1. Introduction

Welcome to the Beginners Guide. This guide covers the basics of TKoK, starting from game difficulty, hero choices, talents and stats, and how to complete the first quests of the game, up until reaching Progress Status 1 (Vormur Temple).

2. Starting A TKoK Game

2.1 Choosing a Difficulty Mode

TKoK Difficulty Setting
New players, as well as progressing heroes, should always be on Normal Mode, which player red will pick upon loading the game.

Other game modes are intended for experienced players that seek better item drops from bosses and level progression, in order to proceed again on normal mode.

2.2 Player Count

The game scales based on how many players are playing, so make sure that everyone in the current game is on the same level of progress and are doing the same run. Read more about Game Difficulty & Scaling.

3. Heroes and Talents

3.1 Choosing a New Hero

Chaotic Knight DescriptionYou browse heroes using Left Arrow Key and Right Arrow Key on your keyboard. You choose the hero you are viewing by pressing ESC.

3.2 Loading a previously saved Hero

To load your hero, simply copy the code from your saved .txt file, which TKoK 3.3.6 saves to ...\Documents\Warcraft III\CustomMapData\TKoK_Save_Files\TKoK_3.3.6\hero_class\hero_class_exp_gold.txt. The load code will be on the bottom of the .txt file, starting with -l ###.

2.3 Choosing a Talent/Ability

Upon picking a new hero, you wilyou will have 1 available Talent Point to allocate into an ability via your Talent Tree.

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