Reaching Crypt Fiend

To get Crypt Fiend you need to accept quest from an Ent NPC and spawn Meat Wagons, after you destroy all four wagon barrier will be disabled. Enter the gate at right middle side and take right path it will lead you to entrance for boss arena.

Beginning the Fight & Tips
1. Recommend high ms (400-450+) on the tank and moderate/high ms (350-400) on other players.
2. Walking into the room will trigger an dialogue event. Crypt Fiend (CF) will spawn at the end of the dialogue.
3. Unlike other bosses, if you die during the CF encounter you can re-enter the room (be careful of respawns on the way back to his room).
4. One of the non-tank players should take the first hit (non-dodge) from CF to begin stacking focused strike.
5. After this player takes 1 hit, the tank should taunt and immediately begin kiting to avoid gaining any stacks.
6. Bring lots of Smoke Screen. At starting first stack gain, when you before break channeling, for slowing boss speed and minis.
7. Body block CF for your tank to outrun him.

Focused Strike

CF's auto attacks will put a stacking debuff on the player unless the attack is dodged. At 5 focused strike stacks, the player is instantly killed. A player with high armor/hp should take the first auto from the boss to start stacking, then the tank should immediately taunt and start kiting.
At 2nd/3th stacks 2nd tank OR a dps who can steal aggro should let themselves be hit (depends on stacks on players) to prevent get team debuff "feedback", and instant start to kite.
VX condition requires dealing with this mechanic for the entire fight, so for VX you will need either a second tank, a dps with a taunt (phantom stalker, druid), or a dps who can steal aggro from the tank to reduce stacks by getting hit.
  • Each auto attack you get hit from CF decreases other players stack by 1.
  • If you have Deathward and you are at 4th stack already that moment "pause game" and suicide -zs. By doing this you will lose all aggro & reset stacks, CF will chase the person who has aggro on him, obviously a DPS player so healers shouldn't panic when CF come towards them, body block + smoke for your DPS to outrun him until your tank reaggro CF.
  • Example A tank has 3x stack and B tank reaggro let themselves to get hit 2 times, later at split phase  A tank gets auto stack during that time and will says 4x stack but its actually 1x because B tank get already took 2 hit so A tank normally has 1x stack. Most players that moment panics and both tank might taunt randomly w/o knowing what's going on the boss that time and leads to feedback/wipe.


If CF does not land an auto attack at the start of fight, after mini phase finish and CF comes back. Entire party will get a debuff called feedback. This debuff causes players to reduce mana to 0 and stun for 1 second, each Skill/Consumables items/opening inventory/talent tree/stat menu, activates the debuff.
The debuff is essentially a wipe as you will run out of mana constantly, and have no mana to heal/dps. This debuff lasts until player death. Deathward is a good way to deal with this, especially on HC (lower difficulties you can just -zs and reenter arena).


CF will vanish and respawn at random location, and calls a player name "You're mine, -player name-" when he does this he will spawn either a red or a blue bird which will chase the player.
Dps should split between the boss and the bird, melee dps on the boss and ranged dps on the bird.
Bird will gradually moves faster each second pass and eventually hit them and return to the boss.
The higher the hp of the bird the more dmg it deals when it connects with a player, Dps should kill the bird before hits the player and return back to boss.
When the bird returns to the boss, it will heal a certain percentage or completely, depending on bird health.
Few Obvious Tactics
  1. When bird chase a player be sure to left at low HP, so when time comes you can one shot it.
  2. Chased player should kite bird as much as possible to give time your DPS'ers.
Red Bird
Will create a blue circle in the middle of the room that deals damage over time, everyone should stay out of the center of the room.
Blue Bird
Will create a large circle with a safe area in the middle of the room, ranged/heals should stay in the safe zone, tank/melee outside the circle.
Both circles deal rapid damage (usually lethal) if you stand in them immediately after they spawn. After circle placed you can step on it nothing to afraid much, but does DoT damage slowly.

Split Phase

CF will split into 4 mini CF's: red/blue/black/green.
To maintain VX condition you must do sufficient dps (dps check) to the minis for them to say "How could you oppose us".
Whichever mini has highest HP that minis debuff will be activated when CF comes back and persist until next mini phase.
If minis have same amount HP at that phase you will get pain aura always.
The boss must be killed while split into mini CF's to complete VX mode, you need to get the boss HP low during the other phases and then finish him when hes in split form. Lower the CF hp means lower hp on minis.

**After each mini phase when CF comes back a text message will be shown to inform which debuff is activated.**
You cannot run from your destiny!
I will finish you!
You will feel the pain! *this row always informs you which debuff you activated during mini phase*

Green - Healing done to players also done to CF as small percentage. Text Message - Your heals are mine!

Red - Reduced armor. Text Message - Let the armor shatter!

Blue - Reduce move speed. Text Message - No need to hurry!

Black - Damage over time (every 3 seconds) to entire party. Aka "Pain Aura". Text Message - You will feel the pain!

İmportant Notes;

  1. Tank should aggro minis instant, aggro on CF doesn't apply on minis at first split phase, each next mini phases aggro you build on them previously resumes.
  2. Focus on dps'ing to Black & Red minis to prevent their debuffs to active when CF comes back.
  3. During mini phase everyone will get auto stacks each 10/15 second around.
  4. If tank has already 3x stack that during that phase run before CF comes back and apply other stack on you, 2nd tank aggro instant to get hit.
  5. Sometimes when you take aggro back example as Chaotic Knight if you are far away from boss even if you have aggro CF, boss can hit the person who had aggro before, so you need to get in CF aggro range to chase you before something very bad happens.


At the start of fight and whole time fighting with CF a spider "green flying thing" will move around the room in an arc like pattern, it will stop moving periodically and then start another arc.
If a player catches the spider "Player Name" got caught by Spiders!, they will take a lot of damage, the damage can be lethal on Leg/HC or higher difficulties. Being hit by the spider will cause the player to become silenced and unable to auto attack or use any spells, also does DoT dmg. After a period of time, CF will lock the player down, spawn behind them, and start channeling. Dps need to burst the boss to break the channel, otherwise the player will be 1 shot.

About Spider

  1. Spider will respawn after this channel in the location it was last caught by a player, so take note of where it was caught.
  2. Spider leaves a green trail behind touching that you will immobilized and takes DoT damage.
  3. Maximum spider you can take is at Normal:5, Legendary:4, Heartcore:3, if you take more instant death.
  4. If you have 2nd tank person can eat spider on purpose to prolong the CF phase for DPS wise on main body.
  5. Any chance if your tank eat the spider and have aggro that time with already 4 stacks and "2nd tank taunt still CD", be sure to use smokes before breaking the channeling to prevent CF kill your tank instant. "pray your luck"
  6. If CF hp very low and close to VX, don't take any spider you either try to dps carefully broke the channeling w/o killing main body OR sadly you have to let that person to die for the sake of VX the boss.

Webs & Snakes

After each mini phase CF will scatter webs around arena ıf you touch webs you will get reduced -304 Move Speed & -30 HPS for short time.

At the same time snakes will be spawn and will follow players. Snakes can have different or same color and follow players to their respective color, more then 1 snake can follow same player too. If you touch head of snakes moving toward players you will heavily get hurt, it can even kills you.

Simply touching on snakes body "NOT HEAD" you can remove/destroy those areas.

Triggering Non VX CF
Don't heavily dps on Mini Crypt Fiends during the first split phase to trigger non VX, only need to a bit of damage to dictate which debuff will occur.
Focused Strike mechanic will be removed forever.
Boss does not need to be killed while split into minis.
Triggering VX CF
Focused Strike mechanic will continue until the end of the fight. Dps Mini Crypt Fiends, focus the black & red mini to have an easier debuff during the next phase.
Mini CF should say: "How could you oppose us"
Must kill CF while he is split into mini CF's.