After killing The Twins, complete the Treasure Hunt quest and talk to Aguwak to unlock the barrier on his left. First talk to Puzzle Master to learn the order of levers on your top, she will give hints about that. Also if you fail the order all players will lose their gold.

Warning : 2nd part of puzzle requires 2nd player to solve the puzzle.

  1. Mysterious Field > Karnos, before entering mini boos room
  2. Where the ancient is found > Ancient Hydra room
  3. Dead spirits gather > Wagons Bottom Right
  4. Mysterious Guardian > Karrix room

To learn the order to draw the lever, go to the areas written here and find out what order the red icon is in.

Warning: Order is different for each game session.

For me order is 2 - 1 - 5 - 3, levers numbers from left to the right are 1-2-3-4-5. Now pull the levers, and proceed to left side of yours.

Here is the last puzzle you have to solve before that open this site.

After open solver click the "Edit & Solve" mode, Click on the same squares that appear in the second picture, on the solver you opened. After copying your puzzle on the solver you will notice red dots shows you the which plates you have to step on at 1st picture.


Near puzzle master there are two levers, 1st one is locks the plates which makes allows you to press middle areas without ruining it. 2nd one is RESET all puzzle.

In this picture 1st lever pulled "locked the plates" in order to press those red circles I needed, I let my friend to unlock the plates so ı can press on those. When my job is done lock again to safely move. The plate I'm stepping on this picture will not pressed alas I move on other plate and go back to that plate.

You can bribe to puzzle master "select her" to get instant access into Emerith but its very pricey.