Achievement Points determine the Achievement Tier. You may gain these points from different activities in-game. Check Govudw in Training Grounds for more information regarding achievements.

As you collect achievement points, when you have reached certain amount of achievement points you will unlock achievement tier each time. Unlocked tier will be marked as yellow.

In here you can check your boss progress and select a title for corresponding to that boss, if only killed in VX-UVX. Each title has own unique color. 1st 3rd and 7th kills gives APT only for each difficulty. E.g. Naztar Hc kills 4/2/1 total 7 Apt.

These achievements related to game progress and special challenges. Met the requirements and unlock title.
  1. Highly Armored; Need to have and Equipment Level of 50. Max Equipment Level you can reach is, 107.80 - 585 Apt
  2. Pathfinder; Reach Game Distance 10. Max G.D. is 19, 190 Apt
  3. Golddigger; Reach 140.000 gold. 30 Apt
  4. Grand Leader; Reach Level 43. Max Level 54, 60 Apt.
  5. Best Partner; Defeat VX bosses with 2 players in at least Legendary mode. For "Empowered" M'karsa and above bosses must be killed in Heartcore mode. 230 Apt.
  6. Pioneer; 600 APT
  7. Dreamwalker; 100 APT
  8. Super Star; 150 APT
  9. Victorious General; 400 APT
  10. Immortal; 780 APT each boss 60 APT
Removes boss kill achievements and turn them into Dedication Points.
Dedication Points can be used to alter some world settings.
You can enter -dedi [boss number] to convert only the kills of that boss. You can also convert any ACT Bosses via accessing "Progress Achievements" and click on "Dedicate this Achievement Page"

You can type any number over 18 to see that screen.

These achievements can only be used by specific players. It is awarded to those who fulfill a special task at the time or helped TKOK community. In here you can check your "Fate Card Achievement Points and World Level Achievement Points".
Insıde Experience Achievements section except; Pioneer, Dreamwalker, Super Star, Victorious General and Immortal everything will be resetted.