Vjaier is thefirst boss of act 4 and must be defeated before one can face Warlord Crueltis, the next boss.

  1. Getting to Vjaier
  2. Abilities
  3. Defeating Vjaier
  4. Vjaier loot
Vjaier, lvl 28

Reaching Vjaier

The boss is located at the southeast corner of the Jahara desert. A quest can be picked in Grom'gol by walking into a portal near the waypoint to lift the barrier leading to Vjaier.

Elemental minibosses

Vjaier is disabled when first reaching him. The 4 obelisks must be cleansed before Vjaier becomes active. Interacting with an obelisk causes an elemental miniboss to spawn.

Air Elemental

Air Elemental

The air elemental uses 2 spells:

  • Vacuum: The air elemental vacuums everyone to its location, and deals 25% max player hp per second damage for 4 seconds. This damage can not kill, and will leave players at 1 hp. Keep in mind, that having negative hp regeneration from items or effects WILL kill the player.
  • Focus: After vacuum is finished, the miniboss will target a player to be blasted by wind power. This does a big burst of damage to the player and everyone around after a delay (~2s).

After vacuuming, the focused player must run away from the group, bot not far enough, so the healer can reach. Also, the healer must be prepared to heal the tank too because the tank will die from auto attacks if not healed. Keep in mind, that as a healer, only the tank and the focused people needs to be healed, the others are safe to stay at 1hp.

Thundering Earth Elemental

Thundering Earth Elemental

The earth elemental has 2 spells:

  • Sand wave: A skillshot nuke, that targets the highest aggro player, and sends a wave of sand towards. This must be dodged, as it deals lethal damage to everyone.
  • Summon mini golems: As the earth elemental loses health, it will spawn more and more mini golems. These have very high hp, and are not meant to be killed, only aggroed and kited by the tank.

The tank's job is to generate as much threat as possible on the miniboss before you start taking too much damage from the ever increasing number of mini elementals. At that point, the tank needs to start kiting in order to avoid dying, while aggroing any minions spawned.

Fire Elemental VJ

Fire Elemental

The fire elemental uses 2 spells:

  • Fiery charge: The fire elemental targets a player, and after a delay, it charges to the target's previous location, leaving a trail of fire behind, and then returning to its previous location.
  • Bombs: After charing a few times, the boss will knock everyone back, doing a small burst of damage, and plant a bomb in everyone. The bomb will explode after a few seconds, doing lethal damage to anyone around players. This explosion does no damage to the player.

As a melee, players want to step away from the miniboss as it starts charging in order to avoid dying from its aoe. To deal with the bomb spell, just make sure players keep distance from other players. at all times.

Water Elemental VJ

Water Elemental

To defeat the water elemental, one must go through 5 phases in total (3 DPS and 2 minion phases). The fight begins with a DPS Phase and proceeds as follows:

  • DPS 100%-66% HP
  • Minions
  • DPS 66%-33% HP
  • Minions
  • DPS 33%-0% HP
  • In the DPS phase, the water elemental uses 1 skill:
    • Water wave: A frontal cone aoe, that does a huge burst of damage to anyone caught.
  • In the minion phase the boss disappears, and splits into many small water elementals. These will shoot out as a water droplet from the miniboss, and land at a random location, doing a huge burst of damage to anyone caught and spwning a mini water elemental. These water elementals have no spells, but they leave a puddle of water on the ground when killed. When all of them are killed, they will start moving to the boss's location, and will fuse to spawn the Water elemental again.

Killing the water elemental:

In the DPS phase keep the boss at the right wall. Make sure to keep the tank healthy, because the water wave will deal huge damage.

When the minion phase starts, everyone but the tank runs to the left side. The droplets wont reach there, ensuring nobody gets hit. As a tank, your job is to aggro all the mini elementals, and kite them. Keep in mind, that as they die, they leave a puddle of water that does huge ticking damage.


The boss has 2 phases. In the first phase, players DPS the boss while dodging tornadoes (and lightning orbs), which lasts for a minute, and in the second phase, players have to deal with various adds. Since Vjaier hits a lot harder, than previous bosses, the tank should have at least full enchanted (yellow, excluding weapon) gear, before attempting to kill it.

DPS phase
In the DPS phase, players have to deal with the following abilities
  • Power orbs: At the start of the phase, the boss summons 2 (1 with 3 or less players) orbs that shoot a beam towards the boss. At regular interval, the orb shoots energy orbs at the boss, trough the beam. Anyone caught in the beam will receive a stacking buff, which increases damage done and damage taken.
  • Tornadoes: The boss regularly targets players with tornadoes. These tornadoes spawn at the edges of the room, and travel in a straight line to the player's CURRENT location at the time the player was targeted. Anyone caught in the tornado will be sucked in, and dealt huge ticking damage while inside. The tornado despawns when reaching the other edge of the arena, dropping any surviving players.
  • Pain aura: An aura that ticks every few seconds, dealing damage to everyone in the arena.
  • Lightning orbs: The portals destroyed in the other phase spawn lightning orbs that deal huge ticking damage in a small area. The lightning orbs also move randomly very slowly around the arena. These orbs are not present in the first DPS phase, since no portals were destroyed yet.
Add phase
During this phase, the boss gains a 50% damage reduction shield, no longer summons tornadoes and power orbs, and no longer attacks the tank.
  • Portals: The boss summons 3 portals at regular intervals over this phase. The portal will summon centaur adds if not killed quick enough. Destroying a portal will summon a Lightning orb, which lasts until the boss dies.

The boss returns to DPS phase shortly after summoning the 3rd portal.

Defeating Vjaier

This encounter is not difficult, it only tests your awareness of your sorrundings. Getting caught in a tornado quickly melts players, especially on higher difficulties, and standing on a lightning orb can kill you very fast, if players dont reach quickly.

The strongest damage dealer(s) need to stand in the power orb beams, so they deny the boss the buff, and to increase their damage. Gaining the buff means they will take increased damage from the damaging aura, but that should be easily healed.

In the add phase players need to kill the portals quickly, so they dont spawn any centaur adds. Melee heroes need to be careful with the spawned lightning orb, since it will immediately start doing damage in melee range as the portal dies.

For VX mode, players need to allow at least 90% of the energy orbs to hit tbe boss.

This means that the boss will die faster, because of the increased damage taken, but it also means that towards the end of dps phase, players will take very heavy amounts of damage from the aura, and tanks will take lots of damage from the boss' auto attacks.

To deal with the VX mode, players need not to stand in the beam, but if things get tight while dodging tornadoes and orbs, its perfectly fine to run over the beam and take a stack, since only 90% of the orbs need to hit the boss.

Vjaier Loot Drops

  • Starry Plate Leggings
  • Starry Trousers
  • Starry Pants
  • Fierce Plated Belt
  • Fierce Leather Belt
  • Fierce Silk Belt
  • Journeyman's Accompaniment
  • Bizarre Belt
  • Rejuvenating Ring
  • Crown of Thorns
  • Anatomy Book
  • Heavy Towershield
  • Coward's Belt