You must have status 8 before you can accept Bounties. Bosses must be killed in VX mode to successfully complete the bounty mission. Type -st or -sh (shows to everyone) to remember which bounties you've received. Only Normal bounty missions can be finished in non-vx, other difficulties have to be done in VX mode. When you finish the bounty mission you will earn Bounty Points "BP" and they will be added to your achievement code, as for Star Glass (later on that) they will be added to your hero code.

When the Epic Bounty is completed, you will be rewarded 250 Dedication Point "DP" each time. Afterward find the person named Bounty Master Shizaki in the training grounds and click Open Daily Gift Box, you can win one of 4 different rewards from this reward box.

  1. A random Fate Card
  2. 10 Bounty Points
  3. One Random Epic or Yellow item. Contains all loot table starting from Tal'navi to The Twins.
  4. 100 Dedication Points

Bounty Points & Spending them to get Dedication Points

You will provide all your transactions on this subject with "Bounty Master Shizaki" in the training grounds.

Your maximum Bounty Points limit is 100 at first, every time you exceed this limit, click "Increase the max number of BP by 100 points". When you do this, all your points will be consumed and the extra points you have will be added to the next limit each time. For example, you reached 114-100 and clicked on the increase the number, this process will end with 14-200, 243/200 > 43/300. When you reach the limit, the point earning process will stop, you have to increase the limit each time.

You can convert your bounty points into Dedication Points which will lead you to NPC's called Dedication Master Arlena & Crimson Albus.

With Dedication Points players can buy or effect the various things in the current game session.

  1. Buying Fate Cards / Reverse Fate Cards, permanently tied with your Achievement code.
  2. Buying permanent Heartcore & Nightmare resurrections are tied to your Apt code. Only in current game session, your permanent revive count will decrease. At new game session (remaking game) number of revives you bought before will be reset back.
  3. Double Boss EXP; All boss slain experience points will be doubled.
  4. Remove Ommog Respawns; Stops the all respawns in ommog road/tower floor(s) mob. Item drop rate from tower bosses will be reduced by %67.
  5. Heartcore Boss Epic Drop OR Nightmare Boss Relic Drop; +5 guaranteed epic OR relic drops to their related difficulty mode. Epic boost doesn't work for Zanatath & Ommog bosses except "Talus". Relic also doesn't work for Empowered Tower mode.

Crimson Albus - Fate Card & Reverse Fate Card

Fate cards can be obtained from any game difficulty and any VX mode boss kills, it is tied to your achievement code. Higher game difficulty, player numbers, players with who has Tier 9 Apt bonus effects the chance to earn one. To check your card collection go training grounds find Albus. If you won a card you already have in your collection it will be automatically converted into 300 dedication point.

At 2000 Apt you will be able to select one card only in your collection to get benefit from that specific card. The bonus you will get from the card you selected is effected depends on your hero level & Tier 11 Apt which increases effect further by 1.5 point.

After completing Sylph's Hero Trial, bonuses for all cards are multiplied by 1.5x

Each primary Fate Card grants you +25 APt. If you have all 22 primary cards, you gain an additional bonus of +500 Apt, for a total of 1050 Apt.

If you wish to buy a specific card for your collection type -rfc (number)

-rfc > The Fool : Armor

-rfc 1 > The Magician : Spell Power

-rfc 2 > The High Priestess : Attack Power

-rfc 3 > The Empress : Max Mana

-rfc 4 > The Emperor : Max Health

-rfc 5 > The Hierophant : Spell Critic Chance

-rfc 6 > The Lovers : Life Regeneration

-rfc 7 > The Chariot : Move Speed

-rfc 8 > Strength : Attack Critic Chance

-rfc 9 > The Hermit : Mana Regeneration

-rfc 10 > Wheel of Fortune : Bonus GP

-rfc 11 > Justice : Power

-rfc 12> The Hanged Man : Agility

-rfc 13 > Death : Energy

-rfc 14 > Temperance : Bonus XP

-rfc 15 > The Devil : Spell Critic Power

-rfc 16 > The Tower : Attack Critic Power

-rfc 17 > The Star : Dodge

-rfc 18 > The Moon : Block

-rfc 19 > The Sun : Magic Resistance

-rfc 20 > Judgement : Attack Damage

-rfc 21 > The World: Attack Speed

Reversed Fate Card

Once you complete 22 main Fate Cards, you can buy Reverse Fate Cards from Albus. To buy specific card you wanted type same command -rfc (number)

Owning a Reversed Card grants you 40% of the stat bonus of that card, permanently.

Stat bonuses from Reversed Cards apply to all characters in your account.

Each secondary -reversed fate cards- (Swords/Cups/Wands/Pentacles) Fate Card grants you +5 Apt. There are 4 decks of 13 secondary Fate Cards, totaling an extra 260 Apt.

Swords/Cups/Wands/Pentacles once you complete one of the decks they provide hidden bonuses, example Pentacles gives reduce gold cost for everything. And one of them is on death reduced experience point lose.

Each Reversed Fate Card grants you +100 Apt. There is no set bonus for Reversed Cards, so having all 22 Reversed Cards gives you 2200 Apt.

Star Glasses

Star Glass "SG" can be used at Emerith via Wishing Fountain & Ancient Shaman who lives in a cave at Grom'gol, gives gold equal to %10 of your current maximum gold for 1 SG cost.

Wishing Fountain

Spend 2 sg for each buff to effects all players in current game only. Attack Power, Spell Power, Max Life by %4 and move speed by +20. Free for all players with Victorious General.

Exchange 4 sg for Blacklight Crystal which soulbound to your hero. This is a forging "later on that" material for items which adds +3 on your item, instead +1 like Primal Flames.

Increase your Luck Stat, it grants;

Chance to obtain more Epic and Relic drops from bosses.

Increases Primal Flame, Blacklight and Fate Card drop rate by %1.

Increases Divine Carnelia base drop rate by 0.001. This is also forging material gives +10 for items.


Maximum Luck Stat is 100 further sg spend on it will be wasted.

Luck values will be summed up from all players before being applied to boss drops.

Luck stats is saved along with your hero code.

Forging İtems / Upgrading Gear

You must have completed Sylph's Hero Trial before can forge equipment. All items except "blue" ones can be forged.

To start forging you must have same items or having forge materials to upgrade your items.

Having Pentacle Fate Cards, Victorious General and Tier 13 Apt reduces the gold cost.

Forge success can be improved with having Sylph's Blessing Ring (upgrading ring also increases forge success rate), Tier 11 apt, forge materials itself also provides small forge success rate.

To start forging and unlock the area in Emerith find Elder Ranger Sophia get the quest go to Grom'gol enter the cave top area of Portal Master, talk to Ancient Shaman.

Now to start forging; 

  1. Place the item you want to upgrade middle of the frame.
  2. Place the same item OR material on the greyed out squares. WARNİNG: Placing multiple same items or materials doesn't upgrade your item equally to that.
  3. Now press the glowing icon "Equipment Forging" , you can check your success rate and gold gonna cost. The higher the item upgraded level, the more gold you have to spend. Ignore the Crystal Requirement thing its nothing you have to worry at all.



Once you are Level 46 and have completed Sylph's Hero Trial, you can initialize a new Fusion for your character.

Once initialized, it will start at Physical Fusion and can be upgraded from there by obtaining sufficient Fusion EXP.

Fusion EXP can be obtained by defeating enemies in the Ommog Region. Higher game mode more Fusion EXP means, bosses does give best EXP. Higher boss level obviously even more EXP means. Double Bonus EXP boost doesn't effect fusion EXP gain.

Once you hit %100 you will get a notification on your screen go to Actions Menu > Character Management > click on fusion to upgrade it. Also can check your current Fusion EXP.

You must meet a level requirement to upgrade your Fusion.


  1. Level 46 (Physical Fusion): Life Regen +20
  2. Level 47 (Soul Fusion): +15% negative status effect resistance
  3. Level 48 (Space Fusion): +30 Move Speed, +15% Attack Speed
  4. Level 49 (Time Fusion): Dodge +7%, Block +7%
  5. Level 50 (Element Fusion): Attack and Spell Power +65
  6. Level 51 (Point Fusion): +7% to all damage and healing
  7. Level 52 (Star Fusion): +60 Substat Points, +1 Talent Points
  8. Level 53 (Phantasmal Fusion): +10% Spell Evasion
  9. Level 54 (True Fusion): +3 Talent Points

PS: Information taken from "TKoK Miscellaneous Data"