After slaying Ortakna he will drop a quest item Rejuvenated Life Stone, go to the Training Grounds and find Simplar give the stone and talk to him. You will unlock a level 33 hidden quest; Dragons, Merchants and Eggs

Going to Ancient Orc Tomb and following fire wing by foot only and clearing first 4-5 pack you will notice a new entrance follow the way and find Seris. Pick the "Who did that" option, She wants you to find her egg. If you pick the rude answer your hero will be stuck at dialogue, simply type -goodbye to fix it.

Now go to Grom'Gol and talk to Orc elixir merchant he sells for 12k gold, after buying it you will be in combat and start to take damage. Drop the egg on the ground let the other player take and give it to Seris while you stand near the Witch Doctor for healing if needed. Finally go to Simplar for reward.