Step 1

Defeat M'Karsa

Before one can fight Ancient Hydra, one must first defeat M'Karsa.

Step 2

Defeat the guardian to open locked gate.

After slaying M'Karsa barrier will be open, take the fragment use for to defeat guardian and gate will be open.

VX Condition

Take a book from the black obelisk first. Non-VX: Take a book from white obelisk only. Compared to VX, there will be no random orbs thrown into the arena.

Getting Started

We need to wake up the boss first and to do this, the tank needs to take books from obelisks, charge them by absorbing the explosions and return the book to the obelisk, which used to hold that book originally. You need to have an empty slot in your bag to pick up the book, picking up the book is as simple as coming close to the obelisk (it will be picked up automatically). PS: It's important for everyone except tank to have their bag slots filled, you dont need someone to accidentally take tome and forcing them to charge the tome. If that happens buff them.

Orbs: Throughout the entire fight, the hydra will throw an orb on a random spot of the arena every 5 seconds. After the landing, the orb will wait for 3 seconds, and then it will spread pellets in all 12 cardinal directions around them.

Applying Spells to Obelisks & Vipers

After removing the first book from the obelisk, hydra will start randomly throwing adds (3 blue and 1 black viper) into the arena. Upon death, blue ones will randomly throw an orb on the arena just like Hydra. The orb of a black viper is special because its always dropped on its corpse and this orb explodes in 2 seconds; additionally, the tank has to absorb the explosion damage while keeping the book in his bag. The explosion has a very big hitbox. PS: Tank must aggro all adds and they should be killed from a safe distance not very far from teammates. Whoever gets hit by the explosion of black viper's orb, instantly dies.

DPS'ing and pushing HY to next phase

After placing the final book Hydra will become vulnerable and 4 lightning orbs, linked to Hydra's head will appear. These orbs hurts a lot when touched, however, running through/touching links are totally safe. Every 15 seconds vipers will spawn in the random place of the arena, the tank should bring them to the corner/walls. These adds should be killed far from Hydra and players because they drop lightning orb upon death, which hurts a lot. During this phase, Hydra takes 50% less damage from any source. The tank should instantly taunt Hydra as soon as lighting cast animation completes "The Ancient Hydra's phase begins to shift"

Fightning Hydra

These phases repeat themselves until Hydra is killed.

The arcane orb begins to chase -player name-

You will see a lightning strike animation cast on a random spot and a lightning orb will be spawned there afterwards starts to chase a random player for 8 seconds before stopping. This will repeat a total of 3 times and those orbs are linked to each other so don't try to touch orbs/links as they do heavy damage. Try to place orbs close to each other. In 6 seconds after placing the last orb, each of them will spread pellets.

The Ancient Hydra begins to call down fire from the sky...

A fire rain will be cast on each player with a slight delay, everyone should move to avoid it before it hits the ground. The ability repeats multiple, depending on the number of players: 7 players: 4 times. 5 players: 6 times. 3 players: 8 times. Everyone should move step by step to make more space for each other. You can see a meteor falling from the sky before it does hit the ground. Keep in mind that the fire hit-box is a bit bigger than looks like.

The Ancient Hydra begins to build up poison in its glands...

Everyone stays away from Hydra and gets close to the walls. There are 2 types of poison phases: hard & easy, you can distinguish them by animation (see clips below).

If you are slow you can try to avoid while hugging hydra like in this picture "Chaotic Knight"

The sound of poison throwing is faster.

The sound of poison throwing is slower.

Attack & Spell Binding Stacks.

After Hydra reaches around 25% HP, it will enter its final phase. In this phase, each auto-attack and spell you use will apply DoT stacks on you. You should reset the stacks once in a while by not attacking the boss for 6 seconds. PS: Any consumable items count as spells and apply Spell Binding stacks.